I cannot tell you how happy I am to look out on the world around me and see so many beautiful, big trees.  I am happy to have traded the heat and humidity for the cold and rain here.

I have been thinking about wedding-stuff lately.  It is certainly not a normal thing for me, but for whatever reason, the idea of having a small and quiet ceremony and reception with my closest friends and family sounds nice.  I hate wedding planners, caterers, churches, DJs, dancing, poofy dresses and spending lots of money on something so frivolous, but as long as it didn’t have all that stuff, I think I’d like it.  It would be pretty great to get a Buddhist officiate the ceremony.  Do they even do that?

Work is worky.  Nearly every week I finish all my work early and am always asking for more stuff to do.  So I have been taking on more and more responsibilities as time goes by.  Maybe someday a raise will come with that, too.  I am going to make a serious effort to take better care of my finances.  I have been an irresponsible spender for a while now, it is no good!

I miss my stinkin’ family.  I called my dad for Father’s Day and he was heading up to Austin to hang out with my mom’s youngest brother and his wife and their youngest son and his family, as well as my brother.  I was seriously sad I couldn’t be with them.  My brother doesn’t talk to me at all anyway, and I really wanted to watch my cousin’s little kids grow up, not to mention missing my father and stepmom who are generally pretty great people.  I suppose it’s the price I have to pay for better scenery.


One Response to “gratitude”

  1. realsupergirl Says:

    Buddhist monks *DO* officiate at wedding ceremonies…I know, I’ve attended a Buddhist wedding.

    That’s so exciting that you’re thinking along those lines. I think you and Yano are a pretty good match…and believe me, I’ve seen him with some real crazies over the years! I hope maybe I’ll be included in the inner circle if y’all decide to do it.

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